Hello and welcome to my digital scrapbook! I’m Hels, the owner and creator of this here blog. The thing has turned into a somewhat explosion of thoughts and meandering discussions, as well as music reviews, interviews, desires, loves, pictures of my cats Francois and Ava, days out, creative writing, and melancholic flutters – when I should probably have found a hammock to swing in, rather than pour out.

Here is a list:

* I like writing, cycling, interiors, wild hills and seas, music, and my magazine, Lionheart Magazine. I love that actually.

* I know I have fully relaxed on holiday when I have stopped writing lists. Then when I start writing in my journal, I know it’s coming from a clearer space.

* I would never dream of writing on the front page of a new notebook.

* Small things and lovely people make me very happy indeed and I value both of these. They come top of my [unwritten and unchanging] JOYOUS list.

* Right now I’d like to be lying in a field of dandelions and cherry blossom, with elderflower wine and sloe gin alternated and served with crushed ice and lime.

* Then… I’d like to see South America, learn Spanish and how to sew proficiently, be better at more sports, grow ALL my own vegetables and become a super successful and great editor, that people like and enjoy working with. This is very important to me.

* Charlie, Francois and Ava (boyfriend & cats) are excellent, if messy.

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