The beginning



So here I am, 26. Already. I had imagined so much, but then I never imagined this. Is it more or less? Regardless I have chosen to follow a path set in nothingness with an aversion to dust. Yet one day I crave to be a the ultimate dust collector. In the form of a book which I have written. It will be found caked in the stuff, forgotten but once loved. Then re-loved all over again. These thoughts and spirals of consciousness and inspiration will be believed. As belief is the only way that things really become alive. The picture above shows me (26), my boy (MAN) Charlie and my cat (LION) Francois. We live in the UK. This blog will be an account of the ticking of time and my journey through the palavers, truths and pains that sprinkle upon me in my own tiny snow globe.
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