Sail away, sail away…Captain, take me to the moon!

Ben Steers

Illustration by Ben Steers

Number One
Aviator and French writer of books such as ‘Night Flight’ and ‘Wind, Sand and Stars’, Antoine de Saint-Exupery said: ‘If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.’ If you have a dream then realistically you would need something to transport you to where it rests. In this circumstance, why would you choose a vessel that was something you have seen a million times before? The Titanic never got anyone anywhere.

When you are using your imagination to get somewhere, you must get there in something spectacular and once you have built this ship, you must prepare yourself for the world that has opened up to you. Everyone has a dreamboat in them, because put quite simply, we all have imaginations and we all have dreams. Whether they are made of marshmallows, bananas or glitter particles stuck together, it is the yearning of our own dreams that will make other people’s, and our own ships a reality. Thus whilst at the Dreamboat Exhibition in Bristol, I was immersed in the pictures of dreamboats for as long as it took me to imagine drifting off with these characters on an adventure that would take me somewhere new. It all starts with a dream.

Extract from my Amelia’s Magazine Article on the Dreamboat Exhibition in Bristol. It features an interview with the Inkygoodness people, who set up Exhibitions like this around the country, giving less known artists a platform for their work.

Bread Dreamboat

Bread Dreamboat

Number Two
I knew with a theme like Dreamboat, I would probably love its content. So I wanted to interview some of the artists exhibiting at Dreamboat. You can find the resulting piece in my second post, for Amelia’s Magazine – ‘Four Interviews with Four Artists’.


Illustration by Dave Bain

I wanted to paint something that felt like it was floating in another reality separate from the hum-drum of every day life. I’ve obsessed with masks and the playful nature of how they create drama and hidden secrets. I’ve been developing a set of masked characters for a while, and the dreamy avenue that my piece was referencing lent itself perfectly to hiding the characters faces, except for the central younger lad. Memories of children’s parties and feeling detached from that atmosphere run through this artwork. I dream most nights and often have dreams involving finding my way to another world. A previous exhibition with Inkygoodness had the theme of ‘Wonderland’ and I did a piece called “Journey to Wonderland” which featured another journey with similar characters, that time on the back of sparrows.
Extract from the interview with Dave Bain

I loved the illustration below, of the samples set to me by Sarah Dennis, one of the illustrators I interviewed.

Wolf and Rabbit by Sarah Dennis

I also thought this was very pretty, by Leila Shetty



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