Christmas music – love/hate lets cry and sway and swig from our warm glasses ’til our cheeks go pink!


Illustration commissioned by me by Karina Jarv

Christmas time means jolly old music – as well as sad music, wishing and waiting for that loved ‘one’. Whilst my boyfriend is currently here (ill -sniffing, coughing and carrying a toilet roll everywhere with him = attractive), I still LOVE a good old hark listening to the yearning songs. There’s something about them. It’s the moments and the sentiment and the fact that I still get flutters when I see the boyf walking across a room or sitting opposite me on our kitchen table in the evening. This is actually my favourite time ever, we have nowhere to be and no deadlines or calls to make, the whole future spans before us like a galaxy of possibilities. If a good song comes on the radio, we turn the dial and dance around the little space, nodding our heads and smirking with glints in our eyes. Perfect.

Songs like this by Au Revoir Simone -who I lovvvvvve.

My last two posts of 2010 for Amelia’s Magazine were on Christmas Music.


Illustration commissioned by me by Lorraine Nam

One: This first post was on all the songs that are loved at Christmas… mainly by me, it’s true. I obviously compiled the list so… objectivity is impossible on this I think – especially when we all have childhood memories and… times spent looking out the window into the cold, through the trees and far into the sky’s imagination – and ho-downs with the fam. and friends of course.

Last year I couldn’t get enough of the Christmas music (not sure why), and as a child it absolutely shaped my Christmas. The films, the carols, the fight to number one. East17 Vs Take That was a pivotal moment when I was ten – “Stay now, stay now…” Whilst 2003’s Mad World was a dramatic number one for a (dramatic) nineteen year old on the brink of a year long world trip. Admittedly I don’t care who is number one now (Matt Cardle – blah), but bands still make some marvelous Christmas music that should not be overlooked. I speak of tunes like 6 Day Riot’s 2000 Miles from Home and Marshmallow World by Kotki Dwa.

6 Day Riot, 2000 Miles From Home is thriller of a tune – in that it’s goosebump perfect. If my (currently flu ridden) boyfriend wasn’t here, I’d be pining with this song on repeat. Soft voice, delicate notes and simple sweetnesses.
Have a read of the rest of the post…

You can also download 6 Day Riot‘s Christmas tune HERE

Two: For my second post I asked the people at Amelia’s Magazine what their fave Christmas song is – I also got them to either illustrate it or send in a photo of themselves. Lah-vley!


Illustration by Lorraine Nam (Gorgeous picture)

Lorraine Nam – Illustrator
I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas is my favourite Christmas song. It’s funny and silly and it has a great background story to it. The little girl ends up actually getting a hippopotamus and donates it to the local zoo.

You can find the full article here

My favourite is Christmas TV by Slow Club


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