Bucks Fizz on a bench

Christmas Day in Bristol held a sky as deep blue as you would find on a tropical beach- the sun was low and warm as we basked our faces in its glow. We sat on the arms of a bench on Clifton Downs, where we often walk for a burst of space, and closed our eyes feeling the bubbles hit our excitable empty stomachs – the sound of peace wafted in the air.

It was a luscious first Christmas together in Bristol. We skyped the fam’s, ate copious amounts, walked and danced… (I also got my Tatty Devine wish…Francois flexed the old visa apparently (yes, that old chestnut)).


I also got THIS vintage Belstaff Jacket- wish I looove!!


We went to see my fam. for a few days after Christmas – sat by the fire, saw granny, ate trifle, walked on the South Downs with the dog, I drove the Mini Cooper S. F.U.N, watched films and sat in the new kitchen with wine. Lah-vley. I always miss them when we first get back, but alas I am grown now and mmm our flat is a beauty sanctuary. Even if it was FREEZING when we got back, we had to force ourselves to Sainsburys and F had clearly had a party with Go-Cat and trampled dirty paws all over the throws.



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