Knitting Club – (I am by far the worst)

Every Wednesday my lovely Bristol girls and I knit. And drink wine. Whilst the boys flounce about on their bikes in the woods. I have made a snood for Charlie and am now on snood two, which has organically taken on a weird stripy knit form. Bit of purl, but of knit – not really very organised, but where were those lessons all Grannies appear to have taken from birth? Just like the mothers and sewing..?We were all told we could be ‘anything we want to be’, ANYTHING, and I think at times I really steered away from ‘girlie’ skills, even though I was obsessed with “making things!!” when I was young.

Happily, make your own is everywhere now. What a huge turnaround. I hope that perhaps schools will start teaching practical skills and creating/promoting love of craft goodness for girls again. It’s high school age when skills and interests need to be nurtured. It’s NOT dis- empowering. Creative skills need guidance to flourish, from the start. But not rigidly, just assistance and support – including after creative degrees, when unlike lawyers, there is no set path.

I LOVE GIRLIE THINGS. It’s massively satisfying to create. Increasing skills in craft and cooking are two of my ‘things I want to achieve’ this year. And getting really fit, going abroad loads, saving lots of money, loving lots, making Francois the model for an organic cat food brand etc. We’ll see how it goes. Next knit post, I’ll show you my knitting so far.


5 thoughts on “Knitting Club – (I am by far the worst)

  1. Katya von poddle poops

    Absolutely true to the core mon belle. I am enjoying this scribble. I too will be attempting to re-learn my love of the knitting things. Last thing I knitted was in Kenya: A very wide scarf, a white scarf, which soon became brown due to muddy hands… (and unravelled due to lack of knowledge [and impatience of learning] of the ol’ cast off. Oops.) The bunting will be streaming out of my shed in reams on a daily basis, ready to get people to buy/rent its beauty from me and Sophie. Delicious.
    A year of beautiful lady -type things to come!
    Katy x

  2. Postcards

    First rule of knitting club… do not talk about knitting club!

    I do like the idea of knitting, particularly when accompanied by wine. I just wove a scarf over Christmas from a kit given to me, but I haven’t actually knitted anything since making a bird jumper at Brownies back in 1990. Maybe it’s time… Well done on the snood!

    1. helswrites Post author

      A bird jumper sounds technical to me! At Brownies age? Nice! Get back on it, knit clubs are the way forward. No more girlie activity shame! Let me know how you get on.


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