Granny wants to see us

Everyone knows how much granny’s like a visit from their grandchildren. My granny always gets a visit when we pop to Sussex, as does Charlie’s granny, when we are in Jersey – and we get pie. Charlie’s other grandparents (whom I adore), live in Exeter, so we see them when we can (last time we went to Tart for lunch… sublime). As an aside, they are still utterly in love after over 50 years of marriage, and scarily his grandpa is leagues ahead of me in his use of photoshop. Respect.

So anyway, to show the fam. some love, Charlie and I asked the lovely Abby Wright (who I have collaborated with before for Amelia’s Magazine), to draw a picture of us. That’s right, massively vain. But the g’s love pictures of their little grand gems (i’ve adopted myself into Charlie’s) and we love a bit of art. We’ve bestowed photos of us on them before, but illustration is a beautiful thing. So, although we have never met Abby, I sent her a picture and lots of ‘thank you so much, you’re amazing’ vibes. Because she IS. Talent. When it arrived, I was a bit nervous as to what it would look actually look like, but ahhh. She managed to capture our eyes and ‘us’ perfectly. I’m a firm believer in the power of the eyes and although we may be pouting like wannabe catwalk queens in many of our photos together, nonchalance was not what we were aiming for (esp. for our receivers). All respect to the Abby Wright.

Errr, we put one up in our bedroom (too much in the lounge) as we loved it so much.


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