Here I am in Devon. Somewhere called Rattery I believe, seeing two of my old housemates from Falmouth – who have now got together (aww). After some cottage pie, the two very Devon, Devoners gave us Totnes on a Friday night. Cider, walking, castle, streets, look for toilets, strange kids abusing by closed toilets, amazing closed shops, pastors of the peace (real) and taxi man – Hellooo!

Today Holly had to work in the cheese shop (interview will follow shortly re: cheese trends, shapes, styles) today so Matt and Charlie and I went walking at Gava Rock (sp?). WINDY, CLIMBING, FEAR, SEA, WET FEET, FOAM, SHEEP – LOOOOVE. I went armed with Roly’s Fudge which is phenomenal and the boys had rhubarb and custard – Kendal Mint Cake = no. Ooo I also went to a vintage shop, which was A.MAZING. I will post some pictures of that in the week. For now I/the boys are cooking some haddock and wedges things, I just had some sloe gin and to be honest blog a day – meh! Thanks to the Matt fam. for use of their Mac. ha

Check some of my pics:


6 thoughts on “Devon

  1. Rob

    I saw you guys in Sainsbury’s today. It was the North London version of Hels and Charles. You both wored fluorescent jackets because you cycle and are envirnonment conscious. It was funny, I pointed at them to say “Look, Hels and Charles”, but Franks beat me to it :p


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