REVIVALS – Totnes, Devon. Like Ariel’s glistening cave area in The Little Mermaid. But better.

Revivals in Totnes, as alluded to in my previous post, is beautiful. As soon as I stepped in I felt like a scruffy pirate girl who had fallen into a treasure cave den, just off some island or other. It was rammed/chokka/up to the brim/can’t move/want to see everything: FULL.

I like to touch everything, to feel its material, imagine its swish and go off and away, further into the aladdin’s cave, right into the story book.I think of the glamorous fifties woman going out for dinner in the West End and on holiday in the Cotswolds. Then the sixties, long haired, sun touched girl. She’s wearing the long, red silk, men’s robe and sipping coffee as she sits on a deck chair, tilting her head and closing her eyes to the morning sun. Her cream, long dress festooning a brown chair, the other side of the opened glassed doors.

And of course a vintage shop could never be complete without the relics of the 80s. The fluffy, mohair, batwing jumpers and the black velvet corset dresses puff out from the rails. As they should. Once the LBD’s of cocktail heaven, these women were the Working Girls; cheeks rouged into sharp points and eyes full of precision before cocktails fizz their judgement into clinking high heeled memories.

Revivals also contains Victorian and Edwardian whites. They sit bundled together in open drawers and hanging innocently from steel hangers, their lace ghostly pure. Then for the males, every jacket a man could desire.

And thousands of accessories for both boys and girls; long gloves; broaches; hats… And THEN at the back, sidling past the hanging 70s, draped dresses is a light filled room, full of wedding dresses, from every changeable marital fantasy my dreams have been possessed by.

In short: I wanted many hours in this shop. In truth, I had only ten minutes. Take me back: Yes, hello to you lady in the corner, reading a tea stained book, and I assume with stories I hope to liken to. Why, you have a whole host of life within your cave, a world of treasure, a packed collection of this and that, heaven and hats, I would show so many of these PURE LOVE I tell you! Hark, lacy, corsetry, silky, flouncy, capey gorgeousness….


2 thoughts on “REVIVALS – Totnes, Devon. Like Ariel’s glistening cave area in The Little Mermaid. But better.

  1. lauren

    Oh. My. Gosh!! I think I may have died of JOY if I had been there . . .I’m thinking roadtrip on a hot summers day ALL DAY in this heavenly place! X


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