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So my Bristol 24/7 column is about the sea this time. <<Read it in full, HERE >>

Myself and Charlie waving at the sea.

The sun was low in the sky and the wind whipped my hair about like billy-o, whilst the sea spray left a salted sheen on our faces. Imprisoned in my head is the idea that really one should get to the top of a hill when one is upon one (thanks Dad). That and kiddo me’s thoughts still resonating behavioural pattern: “I have to do it now, or I will regret it when I die!!”. The drama. So as the path split, and I was in front of the boys; Matt, Charlie, I immediately started up the hill/mountain of pain.

We were in Devon for the weekend, seeing two of our very lovely friends, Matthew and Holly. As well as embracing the fresh couple of cuteness – true- we both needed to see the sea. Actual need. And, to be honest, I know Brighton is a bit of an undesirable seafront, with the pebbles, bazillions of people etc. BUT I REALLY MISS THE SEA.


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