Precisely Julie, precisely.

Woke up with total lack of food in all the cupboards and enough milk for one brew. This sacred mug I forgot about, and to my distress, allowed it to go cold half way through drinking. Then it got to 1pm and I was supposed to go to the veggie shop this morning. It was clearly afternoon and I was SO hungry, but still had emails/errands to do. I remembered I had some yoghurt banana chips in one of my coats (fingers crossed), so ate a handful of them. Although they saved me, the sweetness made me feel sick – not a nice breakfast. Then I found some tinned chunky soup. Had that.

Then at 4pm, I psyched myself up and made ‘the journey’ to Gloucester Road for the vegetables/good bread/FOOD. 99% of the way there on my bike, I looked down and saw that my bike lock was missing. Charlie must have TAKEN it from where it ALWAYS is. Turn around, up the hill/s of pain and drop off bike. Walk in total daze to Sainsburys and weirdly purchased loads of meat, which I never do. Now I have a cup of tea and loads more stuff to do. But the tea is making it better. So here goes my daily dedication/begging process of asking people to pay me to write/work for them. Always a pleasure, especially on a Monday evening (I may watch Gainsbourg instead). I will definitely find Francois now and make him hug me. Not sure where he is, but he keeps sleeping in my clothes drawer under the bed. A ginger, wriggling obstruction every time I open the rollered thing. Why Francois, why?

Is this the moon?


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