Daisy Knights – LOOOOVE

Source A heart pattern for knitting. I am sure it would appeal to Charlie because it looks like a graph.

Although we don’t really do Valentines Day, and love (and presents) should be bestowed all year round, it’s purely coincidental that I found this BEAUTIFUL jewellery.

I love pretty jewellery like THIS! All by Daisy Knights, who is young (23), splits her time between country/city and has a dog. And probably her OWN house. She makes SUCH perfect things…

It’s all around £160 – £250. Love the shell and feather particularly. Mmmmm.
V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E.S. D.A.Y. / Now day.

On our first Valentines Day together, Charlie did actually pull out the stops and MADE me a necklace (v.pretty) and cooked me moule frites. Which I was terrified of, as I had never had the shelled things before. Now I love ze sea food. Mwah! (Kiss fingers. Stereotype). The necklace is a little bit broken now, which is sad – but its pieces are in my ‘better’ jewellery box.

(More info: I first heard about her from an illustrator who was working on a piece, written by Siobhan Fagan about Daisy, in Amelia’s MagazineMatilde Sazio. emailed and said: “Woah have you seen Daisy Knights? Young, cool, nice and amazing work… uh”. So true.)

Daisy festooned in jewels:


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