Two New Bits – One Spooky, One Pretty, Sunny – la la

Both for Amelia’s Magazine

She and Him – new video, Read Here

See it here:

She & Him – Don’t Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Then God’s Little Eskimo, Read Here

Illustration commissioned by me: by Matilde Sazio

A single voice sings out with the tweet of birds in the background. A little bit choir like, a lot Bellowhead like. A choir song for nature. For me, I thought of The Lord of The Rings, and the shire. Or Cadfael and canal residers, Rosie and Jim. With no worries about things like mortgages or commutes. Indeed, I know Cadfael dealt with corruption, but he also had an inner calm, that must have come with the peace he had with himself/job. The beginning of the album certainly makes God’s Little Eskimo reside in a nice wood-burning stove dwelling house in the early 1800s, pre industrial revolution. He would have a furlong or two of land and young Tess of The d’Urbervilles type figure as his wife.

Illustration commissioned by me: Daria Hlazatova


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