Massive clear out of ALL clothing items & shoes – Goodbye, I’m sorry, but I will not miss you. (And I hate that I think you have feelings)

Source Grace Kelly, the idol.

My column for Bristol 24/7. The full article can be read HERE.

I cleared out my whole wardrobe this week. I felt a mixture of shame, nostalgia and joy at doing this. It started on Monday when I threw everything from seemingly everywhere, onto the floor, grimaced and promptly made a cup of tea. There was no disputing it, the quantity of clothes I had in my possession was large – I had clearly hoarded for ten years.

Charlie, as a boy, obviously despises the big shops, but he does love clothes. Indeed, to the point that he will happily trawl markets and little cabin shops with me, often picking up some classic/dodgy piece himself. So, he will be happy he won’t have to stand in the fluorescent lights and I wont have to put up with his crisis of spontaneous hunger episodes anymore. I want the good stuff now, that my future girl kiddos can wear in 20 years. Yes.


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