London – Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration

Picture by Matt Bramford

I would love to write a whole, big old blog post on the launch party for the Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration book launch last night, in London. However, presently I am at my friend’s flat somewhere in North London, and having walked up the heath, and seen people running in the brisk temperatures, and training golden puppies I am here, warming up and have no time to dedicate to the party. Akk. But I have to quickly say that it WAS beautiful, white, pink, rosy cheeked, smiley and full of dancing, delicious drinks and nattering. Sadly we missed the very start, because we could only leave Bristol at 4.10pm – on a bus, and tubes etc. etc. – lost, heels… But we were there for 8pm to 12pm and it was mighty. All respect to Amelia – who got everyone together with her love of creativity, talent, illustration and ethical fashion. It was wonderful meeting everyone and I only wish I could have met all the people who I blabber on at on twitter etc. But to Amelia- it was a blast, thank you. And a bigger blog post will follow – including tea cups, Charlie dancing, Jersey fellowship and speedy walks. I know you can’t wait… Now though I must leave and enter N16 – I think…


2 thoughts on “London – Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration

    1. helswrites Post author

      i keep seeing us in the background of photos – oh good. ha! i’m proud of our moves. we were like un-submerged synchronised swimmers on bethnal green road. aces to meet you and your jersey. definitely let’s rendezvous sometime. x


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