The Composer, John Barry 1933 – 2011

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John Barry, known for his iconic movie soundtracks, died on Monday in New York at the age of 77.
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We all know his music. It’s roaring and consuming like a giant wave. Working with big bands, sweeping strings and jazz and latin beats John Barry didn’t believe in subtle introductions

Goldfinger(1964) Illustration by Kayleigh Bluck

On the day of his death, composer, Howard Shore of Lord of The Rings said in an interview with Rhod Sharp: “The world John Barry created with his music was enormous, iconic. He wrote scores for some of the greatest films in the latest 30, 40 years […] “If he had just written the 11 Bond films it would’ve been an incredible legacy to the world of music and art.”

But he did so much more than Bond. He won Oscars for his music for Dances With Wolves, Out of Africa, The Lion in Winter and two for Born Free. Barry also gained an OBE in 1999 and a Bafta Fellowship in 2005. What’s so obvious is his ability to capture the essence of the film. As Shore said: “He loved getting inside the film.” This you can really feel. His music is dramatic, emotive and despite the BIG MOTION PICTURE SOUND, it’s very real.

My personal favourite: Midnight Cowboy(1969)


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