Ooo – nearly

So here I am at 23.40 at my Mac – close to not making post a day – and wishing for my beloved bed. But i’ve just warmed up the lounge and Charlie is at some (corporate) work mate’s house party. This blog needs a post reeet.

In contrast to Charlie’s Clifton do, tonight I went to see a documentary by Naomi Smyth about the Invisible Circus.

The Invisible Circus is something that could only be described as good for the community. Despite the developers, and because of their passions. The collective believe in living sustainably on little and spending time with people. Making what you can, working together and promoting artistic expression and development. Incredibly inspiring and a pure pleasure for the senses. Beautiful. Just look at Carny-Ville – one of their biggest shows in October 2010.


So said Naomi (2008) on Pledge Bank: ‘I’ve been making a feature documentary about a community of artists and performers since September 2006. I’ve shot 90% of it on my own and I’m editing it myself. It’s stunningly visual and deals with issues of derelict urban space, the uneasy compromise of underground arts with corporate capitalism and the politics of communal life.’

Now I need to go to sleep. x


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