My Take On Amelia’s ACOFI Launch Party

Featuring: Amelia’s Magazine writers, 6 Day Riot, The Pipettes, Mystery Jets DJ, Vodka, Beer, Amelia’s Dad, Cake and Jersey. This post is a bit of a short story to be truthful – or a diary entry with amazing pictures.

The bright city lights… ahhh, oooo! London by Avril Kelly

Vrooosh and we’re in. After a National Express journey from Bristol at 4.10pm we arrived immersed in the mighty traffic of London. From twit updates, I was aware that the Amelia’s Magazine London team had spent the morning working hard whilst I’d been sat at my rectangular Apple.

Me at the party by Akeela

It’s buzzing and I can see the feathered headdress and hear the sound of glorious music coming from the stage. 6 Day Riot are on stage and everyone is loving it. “Drink!” Vodka O flowing, blue bottled Adnams beers in hand – mutter to Charlie, he can’t hear me, the walls are bright and the buzz is loud. But we are smirking at each other, as the swirl of this internal world is clearly alleviating our hours of bus lethargy. There are beautiful outfits from where I want to find out, and make up perfection. I’m loving the wedges, flowing skirts, vintage fabrics and beautiful piled up and flowing hair. Breathing art of their own kind, everyone I want to know and only until midnight to do it. Um, let’s CHAT. Ze atmosphere is perfect for le chat… Bonjour…

Amelia Gregory by Abby Wright

Hannah Bullivant cracking out the moves.

The Pipettes by Avril Kelly

It was fun so it was.

Read the full article, HERE on Amelia’s Magazine


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