Put this on LOUD

I think you may enjoy it. I really, really do. TURN UP the volume: puk, puk, puk.

Makes me as happy as I felt most particularly on this night (September 2008): ’twas the night we drank the wine, did the karaoke and then swam naked in the phosphorescence sea. Oh yes! Graduation and turning 24 scared us, but filled us with the lust for life that comes with having nothing… but of course all we needed.
We were living here, in France:

Eating a baguette, cheese and salad everyday:

And the sea looked like this:

And the evening looked like this: (minus the karaoke and the swimming… ahem…)

…A deep haze follows….

My article on The Tallest Man on Earth is here.
This post is for two of my beautiful friends, who I miss seeing. Because you really should appreciate the good ones. And to France/Spain escapades – when all the truths came out, we were skintos and free. And to the evening – THIS evening was when I first read aloud my words and poems – pre karaoke obviously. And you were nice – ahaha!


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