Bath In Fashion – Hall and Woodhouse – BATH

Oh Bath, you’re so pretty and affluent. How could I ever imagine/afford to sit/lie/sleep within one your enormous Georgian walls? Couldn’t really. Maybe when I am 50. That seems like a reasonable age for flouncing/having copious spare cash. But by then I ‘plan’ to be in some other part of the world. Where jumpers are only ever needed in the evenings. I do LOVE Bath though. It’s truly beautiful.

Small Bath houses

And I visited the mighty city last week, for the Bath In Fashion Launch Party. The Bath massive are very excited about this – and to be honest it does sound AMAZING. There will be workshops with designers, recycled fashion with Oxfam Boutique, a wedding dress exhibition, a textile fair AND a Marilyn Exhibition AND, AND a catwalk style show on the 2000 year old pavements of The Roman Baths. Epic.
23rd – 27th March 2011. I want to go, I hope to go and I will be there with bells on if I do.

The RRRRRoman Baths.

The Launch Party was at Hall and Woodhouse at 8am. Sadly, joyous Monsieur train got me in at 8.30am, so I had to run there and missed the Urban Outfitters show. But, I did hear the organisers chat, and I got my mitts on the bacon butties…and bucks fizz:

Then: I’m not 100%… but I think I asked one of the ‘key’ organisers – who was behind the bar – if there was any more coffee. “Err, yes”. Then after finishing my bucks fizz, I wasn’t really sure what to do with myself so picked up another one. ERRRR. NO! Then wondered around a bit aimlessly before reading the paper on a comfy chair, away from the flashing photography. I was a bad morning Bath networker. Charlie said I must have looked like a morning alcoholic, demanding piglet. I resent that comment. But all the same, when I get slightly nervous, or I’m not in the right mood… I’m not entirely sure what happens. I’m either absolutely fine and really happy, or a fat fail. Then I ultimately over think the whole thing. As I do with most things, unless i’m on holiday or with people I know so very well. It’s a hindrance. Oh, I was also too hot, but had too many things (flutes) in my hands to strip off – I quite liked my outfit though – on a plus.

Anyway to escape further errors of my ways, I went on an exploration of the Hall and Woodhouse. And found these elements I liked. I loved the toilet.

I just looked at their website and their vacancies (I may have to return to barring…..) and they call the job description: ‘The Concept.’ Never seen a job described so abstractly before. Imagine: “Ya, my concept is just really skew whiff.”

Toilet entrance:

Toilet door:

Toilet ceiling – lots of hand mirrors stuck to it:

NO! I didn’t spend the whole time in the toilet!

I also found this shop just outside:

A whole shop just for door knobs: called The Knob Connection (odd). I wish we had door knobs in our flat.

I have to say that cycling to Bath is the best thing ever and we do this in the summer. There is a wild swimming watery bit just beyond Bath that is luscious, if a little green and slimy, too. It’s much cheaper than a) the train £7 and b) the swimming pool £6 – The savings can be spent on those vegetable crisps, Comte cheese, baguettes and South Western cider. And my thighs could potentially be reduced by said cycle. Not the cheese however.

I think I may have stooped to new lows, posting pictures of toilets – ooo that’s another thing they do at the place, they call them ‘Loos’, which appeals to me on many levels – and my awkward breakfast… Please don’t think less of me.


2 thoughts on “Bath In Fashion – Hall and Woodhouse – BATH

  1. Akeela

    This post made me chuckle a lot!

    I’m the same when it comes to networking – sometimes I over-think things and retreat into myself and just drift through the crowd not sure how to, or if I should interact.

    Lovely photos! I’ve never been to Bath, but I aspire to.


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