Eliza Newman – Icelandic Music Artist Interview

For the full article on Amelia’s Magazine, click HERE.

Illustration commissioned by me for ze article: By Jenny Lloyd

Could you describe your music?
Its beyond words, like touching heaven with your inner ear! Or just a kind of quirky pop style sweet on top but dark underneath muhahaha!….

What is your inspiration?

How do you feel about having one of the most popular songs in Iceland, ‘Ukulele Song For You’?
It feels great , very unexpected and a pleasant surprise. Icelandic people have good taste in music!

You play many instruments and are a trained opera singer, when did you start playing music and singing?
I started playing the violin at seven and studied that until I was 15 then I started a band and didn’t feel like practising violin any more. I started singing the day I started my first band. Never sung a note before then! Later I went on to study opera and I learned the piano, guitar and ukulele on the way.

Illustration commissioned by me for zis article: By Chloe Cook


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