One of the classic greats; Byron . An attractive and naughty man. Be still my beating heart. I reckon we’d have been terrible together. If he’d have looked twice at me of course. *Cool boy*. I’d like to think we would have got sickeningly reflective and taken self immersed to the next level by sitting next to wide expanses of water and discussing perils and emotions. And us. Course. Thank goodness for Charlie and his science… just… pulling me back a notch there.

Another (slightly) dramatic post by me in Bristol 24/7. Read it in full HERE:

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m a glutton for my own distress. I have a pile of ‘trigger’ movies, albums and photos that get me in ‘that’ mood. This is when I write best. Or, how I wish I could write, if I had no restrictions.

Maybe if I wrote a book, or *clutches fist to heart*, made a film. The soundtrack, the emotions, the drama, it would be immense. Charlie thinks I like too many films where “nothing happens” – he also thinks that I haven’t experienced enough to write a book. What does this say?

Another writer told me recently, that I have a bit of a scatterbrain approach to writing. I’ve heard this before – mainly about my personality. It’s interesting, particularly when combined with my deep insecurities about my (whatever they are) skills. All these comments have been playing on my mind a lot recently. But this is the first time they haven’t made me research into being a teacher or lawyer. READ ON…


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