Wow – check out Montpelier Basement!

Who were mentioned on The Guardian website, for their anti-Valentine’s meal; HERE. See mine and Charlie’s January experience of Montpelier Basement, HERE. Despite being ‘anti’, apparently the luscious, food joy haven, actually had a PROPOSAL at their anti-Valentine meal on Friday.

RESPECT. Love it.

Extract from the big G’s article:
You have to admire the chutzpah of the Montpelier Basement pop-up in Bristol whose “Anti Valentine Weekend” featured “a fiery pit of anti-love” in their handily-located open fire, into which were hurled “pictures of ex-partners … the crap, naff presents they bought you … that misjudged Clintons soft toy, those badly written love letters or that cheap-ass H Samuel jewellery”. (Proprietors Elly and Dan are one of the great love stories of the food blog world which makes such brilliant twistedness even more admirable). There’s clearly something afoot in Bristol because they sold out within minutes of launch.
The Guardian



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