Valentino Day <3 Yup.

Illustration commissioned by me for the piece, by Georgia Coote

An article about music and the stages of love. From the beat in your heart to the post-six month romance trials.

For the full article on Amelia’s Magazine, click HERE

I’m not going to lie to you. Valentine’s Day didn’t start as well as some people’s obviously did. The flaunting has been hard to avoid. I don’t know how I feel about these hearty couples. Jealous/sick/admiring/touched. For me, all I can say was that there were certainly no freshly squeezed orange juice glasses on the side table, and croissant crumbs left in the bed. For one; it was 6.30am, for two; we ‘don’t do’ Valentine’s Day, and for three; we have smashed all our glasses (not through venom). Thus I give you 6.30am – 6.32am: Me: “Meh, I’m sick, knives have fallen into my throat and got stuck.” Him: “Huh, oh no.” Me: “Feel my forehead, there’s fire I tell you, fire.” He puts palm on my forehead: “Yeh you’re a bit warm. You look a bit sick. Have a lie in.” Me: “Ummm so Valen..” Him: “No, Hels *chuckle*, there’s no Valentine’s here. Now, see you later. Be productive!” Me: “Oh yeh.” He puts his forefinger out for the double forefinger touch (because he blatantly thinks I am horrid and contagious), and he’s gone.

Illustration of Grizzly Bear, commissioned by me: by Daria Hlazatova

Mine and Charlie’s own overplayed song.

Full article, click HERE


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