London Fashion Week – Day One – Front Row, Five Shows and my wedding dress

Prophetik LFW A/W 2011

Jena.Theo LFW A/W 2011

I’m not going to lie. I do feel quite tired. The old train didn’t get me in ’til half eleven last night and I couldn’t sleep ’til oneish. 6.30am alarm = ow. But hey ho, I DO NOT CARE! I was prepared for the onslaught of running around, hunger and the mighty looks up and downs. I was SO happy to be at LFW, surrounded by the theatrical displays on and off the runway. Inspiring scenes were abundent, the hair piled up, the eyeliner thick, the leather – everywhere. I had to take a time out on a bench by the Thames for ten minutes – and eat my peanut butter sandwiches. My Mum made me porridge and a herbal tea this morning (aw – back home for a few days ACE. LOVING having a bath and central heating that works). The porridge set me right up, as it’s supposed to. Loads of people were complaining of no breakfasts this morning through lack of time etc, which would definitely have been me, if the Ma hadn’t stepped up. Anyway…!

On my first show, Jena Theo, I was on the front row next to a small baby and her mother. Baby was VERY cute and had penguin ear muffs to avoid ear pains and a croissant to avoid screams. The lights were blinding as the show started and the sauntering models walked on stage one by one. It was gorgeous and gothically dramatic. Yet wearable indeed.

The second show was Prophetik – this was full of bustles, silks and historical prettiness. A million films came to mind and thoughts of woodland aristocracy sprang into action. The kings and queens of the woodlands. On their merry horse, they ambled between the trees, her skin as white and pure as the first spring day. She the princess, was raised by the birds and flies to the ball where the man she meets wears a long, embroidered jacket and boots fit for a carpenter, who works his days and sings folk at night.

Then Corrie Nielson was very structured. From 60s pencil shapes to overflowing Victoriana.
Orla Kiely was a room full of stuffed birds, sheds and pretty stools. I had a nice chat with the champagne man who had been listening to the ‘bird soundtrack’ on repeat since 7am. It was 3pm when I saw him and he had a long stretch ahead. The Orla movie was sweet and her designs are cutesy, nice. Reminding me of Clifton people in Bristol.

Finally – was Eudon Choi. The saddle man. Lots of belting and bits of leather for reasons I wasn’t sure. But it obviously worked. I really liked his long floaty dresses with tough boots etc. And the crowd loved him.

Prophetik was the best for me, because it had a dress I wanted to get married in.

I drank two coffees. Only.

One energy bar.

Four times loos- quite a lot.

Asked ‘what my purpose is’ once, by registration lady when I asked to register with her.

Smiled loads at lots of people, most were really lovely – which made me pleased. And chatty.

Met an amazing jewellery designer I want to write a feature on.

Got semi lost three times. No idea how. I think I did the last one on purpose.


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