SO today I will be at London Fashion Week.

Later I hope to tell you what happened. If I have not collapsed. I have thought a lot about what to wear and decided that comfort and warmth is central. Despite what I may have originally thought. I will try my best to document my experience as truthfully as possible. Being a newbie I expect sore feet, waiting, coldness and massive judgement. Being super fashion focused, I will try and do a – ‘what I wore each day’. Obviously being ‘freelance’ essentially means I am skint, so I have had to improvise greatly. I am still debating whether a cape is ‘too last season’. But it will be nice to actually wear clothes as opposed to my ‘freelance outfit’. This is why I love going for coffees and meetings, I really enjoy wearing pretty things and not being in the flat 9-5. Or at least, making an effort for more than Francois. Perhaps I should have been a business woman? I do like a pencil skirt. Who knows. I have made my choices and they have led me to my first LFW.

Keep reading my blog everyday and I will regale my stories. From the base line!


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