Back in Bristol

After a glass of vino and a load of goats cheese, I bid farewell to the parents and returned to Bristol. Francois was out and there was a potato in the oven. Charlie has a cold and is detoxing (why?!), so wouldn’t have a ‘yeh, I’m back’ drink. So we had some Cadburys. Catface came in, was chump like and we watched some awful TV. Yes indeed, not too exciting today. But it’s nice. And I’m using nice on purpose. I’ve over ‘amaze’d myself. Now I need to sit in a field and wear jeige (jeans/slack top- SLACK outfit. Love.). Because soon Thailand calls and with it, bursts of glorious colour and an open sky. And because LFW is still whirring, slowing down (four more reports), then coming to a halt in feral land. The beauty of the travel.


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