RETURNETH from Thailand

Koh Tao Island

My poor, defenceless blog. How you have been alone for so long. I’m sorry. Sadly I am not at the ‘guest blog’ stage. Alas. But it’s Ok, I am back now and I’m ready to tell you, with pictures and words, the story of our jaunt to Thailand. And it really did feel like a jaunt. When you consider all the tanned pre 25 kiddos galivanting about the place at the start of their travels. Particularly long term were the Swedish and Canadians, who are utterly radiant people. Impossibly white teeth, excellent tanning capabilities and for the Swedish – natural blonde, BLONDE hair. They are also active. Mostly. Charlie and I spent most of our time/all but Bangkok time, on Koh Tao island. This one is only 21km and much more chilled (yes, that is possible) than Koh Samui and Koh Phangan – I’ve heard… maybe because it is smaller… Anyway we trotted about the island, staying NOT on the main beach bit, but on the East/West coast. Used a moped to get everywhere, which was particularly sketchy at times, but nothing compared to the cockroach sizing. Horrendous. I LOVED the moped. Eventually. I am waiting for the photos to be uploaded and then I will edit them and get back to you, with a much better blog post involving: food, whimpering, massive dogs, lassis, freediving, bottoms and bananas. Yes, I know you can’t wait. Happy weekend chaps! RAD/ASSOME times, as they say.


2 thoughts on “RETURNETH from Thailand

  1. Postcards

    Oooh, I’m glad you went to Koh Tao as it’s lovely – I went there in March last year and had a great time, accompanied by copious amounts of pad thai, spring rolls and Chang. Looking forward to seeing your photos and having a little reminisce of my own.

    1. helswrites Post author

      Koh Tao IS lovely. I think it was good that we stayed there to really explore one island. I had visions of moving islands everyday! Two weeks is not long enough! It’s grand isn’t it?!


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