We had the moon, we had the moon

Photograph by Charlie Pearce

Last night the moon was massive. Or…well it looked good and bright…and was publicised as being potentially the best/closest moon scene for a while; aka SUPERMOON This meant that Charlie took his camera out and we interrupted our evening in with a Crabby’s ginger beer/beer and baked pot. to wrap up in snow jackets and gloves (i’m still in post Thai shock), and stand on the street corner up the road. Charlie took ages to take his pictures and passers by refused to smile back at me as I grinned at them. In retrospect, I may have looked odd. Anyway, the result was this picture and no epiphanies/deep moments. Although I do have that weird full moon feeling as per and still held my breath and made a wish in respect to the immensity of the moon/universe/Neil/Tom Hanks.


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