Thailand Diary – Day Five – Scooty

So that watch that I purchased for 127B was totally useless and whilst we were supposed to get up super early to get the taxi, ferry – new exploration of new island Koh Phangan, we didn’t. The time on the old tick tock was an hour and a half later than that in actual reality. The only thing to do in such situations – early morning, scuppered plans – is to eat breakfast. Charlie and I are evil to each other without it and there was no point in really discussing anything/talking until we had something in us. Plus, there was that amazing breakfast place down in the main bit.

Taxi to main bit.

Coffee, juice, fruit salad; papaya, pineapple, mango, banana, yoghurt, museli, hunks of toast, butter and jam. We didn’t decide anything. Then a Canadian boy (I know he was Canadian!) whizzed past us on a scootery type scooter, singlet, sunnies and trucker hat back to front. Then another, another, another, another… They all parked round by the side of the breakfast joint and then sat down and ordered enormous sandwiches and lassis. Charlie looked at me with yearning/joy/elation/i will do this regardless in his eyes. “We could get a bike Hels? Yes? A bike? BIKE!”

Thoughts of injury, roads that avoid being roads at all costs, dogs in roads, whizzing, fun, wind in hair and injury came to mind. “Where is my adventure Hels…? C’mon!” He knows this annoys me, he is blackmailing me with my own desire/need to want to try things and avoidance of his mocking me and telling me I’m “scared”.

Then as if by magic, Charlie’s adventure fairy popped out of the coffee cup I was stirring. Well, he was seated next door. I’d already clocked him and thought he was a diver. 30 ish – probably quite large lungs. “Where you headed guys? Have you got a bike yet”

Me: “He quite wants to do the freediving course… errr, we aren’t really sure where/what we are doing yet.”

“First thing you really should do is get a bike. I was like a little boy on mine. There she is, that blue one over there. I did the freediving course too. It’s incredible, best thing. The meditation part of it is fascinating.”

WHAT a coincidence! Well, indeed. What’s more, the lovely man is cycling around the world. From Australia to – the whole, entire world. This is basically Charlie’s life objective and his eyes were gleaming with the reality of it.

We got a bike.

Looking at the map of Koh Tao, we saw that the top bit is the most remote. So we popped on the old scooter and zoomed off to St Remote. We found a gorgeous bungalow there with a super view of the sea. Well, it was basically in the sea it was so close. After scampering about the rocks and sand, reading and sitting in the sun, the lure of the bike was too much and we went for a ride.

MASSIVE fun. Sadly there are no helmets on Koh Tao, as they aren’t enforced, adding to the risk of injury factor, but this did not stop any of the scooterama, and I was treated to many sketchy situations. Often I had to jump off Cedric Scoots, as it moved – to run beside C as he did some like, super fun off roading. I had a rainbow paddle pop (I was addicted to the banana paddle pops in Australia), as we flew through the busy main beach bit and explored the wilds of Koh Tao. Loads of girls on the bikes looked ridiculously cool; sunnies, vests, bikes – YES. Incidentally, I did drive a bit, but not as much as I wish I had… it was my first time on a bike – but that’s no excuse. Must prise the beast off Charlie and fight ANY fear!

Sunset, bike, wind in hair, island – heaven.

Once we got back, in the middle of a downpour, me running beside on a dirt track – we had some Hong Thong whiskey on the balcony. Then some delicious rice in a wooden shack and more Hong Thong, before bed- riding the waves in our sleep.

Today was a really beautiful day.


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