Thailand Diary – Day Six – Burnt cheeks and noses

There is an enormous dog living in the wooden shack/bungalow bit next door. Then a smaller one that tries to bite objects that are too large for its mouth – ‘ang, ang, ang’ , he goes. The big dog has a metal chain around his neck, and a swollen face because he is sick. Not sure why he is, but we’ve been told, he is sick and his wriggles under a blanket.

When we decided to have our breakfast in el wooden shack, Mr Big Dog decided to pop along too, and joined us on the wooden deck. Bless his heart. He was quite scary initially – as he thudded onto the deck – but entirely loveable. While the cat’s away… (not really Francois!). There followed fruit in abundance, and homemade yoghurt. We lay back on the triangle pillows – already knowing that the day would comprise of bike ‘discoveries’, as opposed to anything slightly bordering on safe.

However, I sat on the beach and attempted to read, before Charlie tumbled along like a small puppy, with his key in hand and a map thrashing about in the wind.

“So, where do you think we should go?”

“This place! View Point. Look, there’s nothing there, just a little beach.”

About five minutes after we mounted the bike and drove off, monsoon rain started and we had take refuge in the bosom of cake and coffee. Controversially a Costa type place on a side road, with a topless, action man from Brazil I imagined, listening to music loudly on his netbook outside. It was a thoroughly not Thai experience, but the apple crumble cake was delicious of course. We watched the rain and heard soft Yoga music from the yoga studio across the other side of the side road, mixing with Brazil’s music. You could just see the sea through the trees… All very relaxing – in the way it was like home, but just NOT either.

Rain stopped. There followed the hottest, sketchiest scooter riding ever. Scaling massive mountains, falling down enormous hills, bumpy, bumbly, jumping road surfaces. Wahooooo! Also ARGHHH! It was intense. It was endless. I was off the bike as much as on it. Running beside, snakes hissing, cicadas humming the soundtrack. I couldn’t hear Charlie speak through the insect/bike noise. BRAGHHHH!

We were going for km’s before we eventually found some water- not View Point, but some other point. Immediately after reaching the vision of beauty, we slid/slipped/anti-delicately fell from the bike, and jumped into the nectar water, feeling the coolness on our tinged skin. Charlie incidentally was not remotely exhausted, as he had been playing off road boy the entire time. He was dismayed I dismounted as much as I did, when some Italians (they were!), whizzed past us up one of the mountains. Peh! This meant though, that I stayed on the bike most of the time on the way back. Neooooowww!

Once we returned, and showered, I Iooked in the mirror to see tens of tens of little freckles returning to my nose, and my cheeks alive with the sun on each one. Ahh alive, alive.


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