Thailand Diary- Day Seven

This will be my last post on Thailand. Just because.

Dreamt of spiders touching and crawling over my face. Stroking my face, with one of their eight legs. Or a dual stroke, with two legs at the same time. URG! Don’t they just move hideously, uncomfortably fast? Has anyone in the past raced spiders? I think they’re faster than mice. And mice are fast. Although are they? Because Francois manages to catch mice, and he’s not terribly agile. For a cat.

Anyway, we overslept again. Of course. Before I’d even opened my eyes properly, I found myself in the back of an open top jeep, bouncing along like billy-o, with Charles doing an Easy Rider impression behind the truck, on his beloved scooter – ‘Jake’. Neowww! He clearly loved this and was stopping himself grinning continuously.

*Boing, Boing*

Once in the main bit again, we wandered along the beach and found a beachside bungalow. We wanted to stay centrally this time, so that Charlie could do his freediving course easily and not have to taxi/bike there. There we sat, minced around, read mag’s and books – and luxuriated in the immense heat. A Thai photo shoot was happening next to us on the beach. People were slowly warming themselves to boiling point, and the sea was 30C. What can I say? All I can say, is that finally, real, proper, hardcore relaxation took us over.We watched people behind the cocoon of contentment, were amused by the mating techniques of the beach beauties and flolloped on the wooden decks of bars, with the puppies. We drank gin and tonics- and danced in relaxation’s rosy haze.

Whilst I could write more on Thailand, with further stories, everything became blurrier the further we reclined into the bliss of freedom and home’s worries became distant. Home, more vague. It wasn’t unstressful continuously, obviously, but it was nice for what nice is. The word you shouldn’t use in essays/reviews etc. but sometimes fits. No superlatives here, just mmmm, nice. And time has moved on, we’ve been back for a while. I have *new* ideas for this blog. But rest assured, if I even go travelling/abroad again I will be netbooking, so I will. And I hope you’ll read it, because I think I like travel writing – in my own way.

If you want to see a little piece on our Sri Lanka holiday last year, you can find it here, on my old blog. Here’s a bit of it:

The colonial styled, wrought iron and rusting, ‘off white’ chairs sit proudly on the lawn of the Icebear. The enormous German Shepherd patrols the area and fights his instinct to demolish one of the arrogant ducks mincing about the lawn. He’s so incredibly furry that dog, I wonder if the Swiss owner was craving some mountainous chilly thoughts when he purchased the hound and neglected to think of the Sri Lankan imposing heat. Perhaps when he ambles upstairs to his large wooden room, he flicks a switch and there begins an intense air conditioning system, and a fake fire. By the orange glow, he sits and contemplates his land, moose haired hat donning his head, his nose slowly turning pink.


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