Summer sun… sort of

I always get far too excited about the coming of the summer and assume it has arrived months before it actually has. University at Falmouth propagated my own little mythical summers and I would, every year, be flouncing about in floaty fabrics, shorts and shawls, marching the lengths of the Cornish beaches rejoicing in the summer, somewhat prematurely.

So, for me – summer has now arrived. JOY, ELATION etc. etc. This may be lying to myself but regardless, it’s definitely time to start thinking about summery things and dressing up. Summer always ranges for me, from girlie dresses to tomboy cycling/I wish I could surf properly, to pretty much fancy dress. I can wear anything if the sun is in my face, as far as I’m concerned. I plan to pass this motto onto my future kiddos too.

So hark this! A fellow ex-Falmouth lovely artiste called Ella Masters, has created this beautiful headdress for flouncing about in the summer sun. Obviously festivals would be an ideal occasion to whip out the feathery one, but I think from now onwards, why not sport a stylish headdress?

£15 Made from reclaimed leather, vintage buttons and lace with real pheasant feathers. Hand sewn and each one is different. Available here.
I also think this is very sweet:

£7 Available here.


Do you think it is too?


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