kitty wool love

Me with scarf

Charlie away = photo shoot with F.

F gets intense with the camera on the Mac

F wool theft.

I look like some sort of maid – but alas, this is my ‘work at home looks’ complete with resplendent scarf i knitted at knit club becoming a headband as the afternoon progresses to evening. My colleague, Francois, is a tyrant with the wool and nabbed a ball, like the cheeky (pork – Charlie calls him) that he is. This is an average interaction between myself and catface on a daily basis. He is a distracting work cat and i have to supply the snacks.

Work Party Pout:


2 thoughts on “kitty wool love

  1. Nancy

    yay, the post returns so thought i’d comment on here as well since blog comments are great.

    love your scarf and love love your cardigan. it looked so great with that red lippy at the lido. can’t believe it was such a bargain. need to get myself something similar.

    keep up the knitty goodness!


    1. helswrites Post author

      Thank you Nancy. £3 ‘Vintage’ M&S 😉 Yeh, bargains are the best. I love hunting them down. Splendid feeling!

      Thanks so much for your comment love!



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