Oh dear

Firstly I put in 125g instead of 25g of sugar. Scrapped the mix. You can not extract sugar from flour, even if it has only just been put in. Second batch. I forgot to sieve the flour. Then realised in retrospect the flour looked weird anyway. Is it our dampish kitchen striking my flour? Third batch. I had only plain flour in a jar, and that could be self raising actually, because I didn’t label the jar when I decanted it. SO I whacked some bicarbonate soda in for good measure. Considered making them cheese scones. Then changed my mind as I’d already got the Cornish clotted cream and luscious jam. This led to me forgetting to put the sugar in at all. Cooked batch two. They looked like pancakes. Cooked batch three, after putting in some dried fruits. And so the third are floury… I think. As of course it was essentially a savoury mix. Then looking at the kitchen filled with flour, pancake scones and sugar explosions, there was cooking devastation everywhere. OH DEAR. Why do I rush these things? I am not a terrible cook, I just want to get it done, and I think I should be doing something else. But when I rush, of course, it all goes wrong.

BUT! This time, somehow – I pulled it off. Despite pre-warning the knit foxes of the potential hideousness (should try to avoid doing these disclaimers), they loved it. The third batch weren’t floury like I had thought. They went down well…Charlie scoffed the last three when he made a pit stop back home before flying off again to Scotland, so I don’t have one for my tea today (thanks love), but whatever: CELEBRATION of SCONE! (Note: I know that they aren’t necessarily difficult and I have made many a cheese scone, but annoyingly I have domestic goddess LACK paranoia).


Does anyone else have these anti-domestic goddess issues?


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