Essie Jain and babies!

I interviewed marvelous Essie Jain the other day. She was born and raised in London, but has lived in New York since her early twenties. She discusses going past the mighty twenties (eeek!) and the influx of babies. Essie has produced a very pretty album of lullabies for those that have had enough of singing Pattacake or Rosie and Jim or whatever – it’s also for those who love stunning music, hypnotic and beautiful. So, that’s me then. She has made the thirties decade sound like an oasis of calm, change and embracing of life. Are you in your thirties? Do tell what it has meant to you, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Illustration by Madi Illustration

Extract from the interview:
What can we find on your album of lullabies?
A place to shut the world away for a time, and a place to sooth a tired spirit. My friend said it was like inhaling a moment of calm, which was just what i had intended.

What made you want to make an album of lullabies?
Well, friends and family having lots of babies was the first step. When you get to your thirties, it all starts to happen at once, (mainly because men and women have been in hot pursuit of their ambitions and careers throughout their twenties) so suddenly I found myself in a new world, with lots of little ones now hanging out at my house with my friends and I. Sleep seemed to be a major issue with all of them, and “baby music” was driving them bonkers. Just because someone has a baby, does not mean that their musical tastes disappear, and i thought it would be great to make an album for both parties.

For the whole piece, go to Amelia’s Magazine- which you can do by clicking here.

How pretty is this album cover?

You can buy it as a print:

And this, how cute (shhh!): The rocking unicorn is ultraviolet – amazing.

You can buy the onesie in two colours – and even in a little beautiful box with the CD as a gift – Essie ships worldwide. Love it.

Lovely song: Glory

Pretty lullaby: What A Big Wide World

Essie Jain’s album; Until The Light of Morning, is out now on her own label, Light Of Morning.


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