Sweetie, let’s…

Us on the day we moved to Bristol – Nov, 2008. We had only been to Bristol once before. I have clearly put out some odd bits here. That lampshade in the background was a shocker, but the mirror was a beaut. Francois was yet to be created.

Quality time has been obscured. Here is my to do list. Most of it revolves around food, but I’m not apologising for this. I plan to get all this ticked off in two weeks.

1) Go for a meal together somewhere.
2) Go to the secret bar and drink cocktails behind the thick velvet curtain.
3) Eat pancakes with bacon and maple syrup from Tart.
4) Go to a swing dance class.
5) Make macaroons (as inspired by Bluebird Vintage blog)
6) Cycle to a country pub.
7) Plant vegetables.
8. Go for a walk in the woods.
9) Make Moules Marinière. Then eat.
10) Go to an exhibition.
11) Charlie go surfing.



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