Music: Interview with Tennis

Fuzzy 60s, American pop. Denver’s husband, wife and drummer; Tennis, record using analog equipment to make their ‘minimal, vintage pop’. Their music returns them to the ocean – where they once lived. Here follows an interview with Alaina.

Where/what else do you draw inspiration from?
From life experience. We make it a priority to live a life full of new experiences that are challenging and unfamiliar. For us creativity comes from uncomfortable and new situations. Patrick and I began writing music after spending seven months living on a boat and sailing the Atlantic coastline together. The first pieces of music we wrote were dripping with nostalgia for the coast, for sailing, for sleeping under the stars. We missed the life we left behind so much that song by song, we catalogued our experiences, so that when we wanted to reminisce we could just press play.

Illustration by Jane Young

What was this [boat life] like?
Learning to sail and live aboard a boat was the greatest adventure of our lives. It was the experience that made us want to create something. We didn’t know it would be music at the time, but it was the catalyst that made us realize our creative potential.

Do you enjoy adventure?
Absolutely, we think adventure begets creativity.

For the full interview, click here.


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