Clogging about – clip clop!

I love clogs. My new clogs are splendid. Not too high, clippy cloppy, wooden or silly. Just GRAND. They were recommended by Hannah, a writer friend, on her luscious blog. Like Hannah, I desired Swedish Hasbeens, see this, but £160 is pretty expensivo. So I was very happy when she suggested Lotta. The clogs are ethically made in London by a Swedish couple – and they are £47. So, even though I should be buying NOTHING, these clogs broke me. I ADORE them. So much, I thought I would show you a picture of me wearing them- even though I am scared of these posts. Having said that I was thinking of including perhaps some ‘clothing today!’ posts in my blog. Hmmm. This could be a silly idea, but it may get me out of my ‘working from home’ wardrobe. Which is generally a knitwear explosion.

So here is a vintage/highstreet concoction worn with my lovely clogs (Charlie hates the socks with the clogs, but I quite like them).


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