Pretty much every time Charlie goes away, I have an irresistible urge to transform the flat. He normally comes back to an entirely different set up. Hence, he has gone to Hamburg for the week and I am filled with shifting thoughts. It’s all of my effort to prevent myself cutting this blog post short and getting to it. I have warned Charlie of my desires/intentions, and he cited the issue of Francois’s potentially disturbed sun Feng Shui as a reason to not change the set up. In the next breath he says his life will not be determined by a cat (re: moving abroad/to a different flat). There are clear and obvious holes in his argument. Therefore, I think I am about to embark on a shift. I am concerned about the dreaded wires, but I’m positive that myself and F can muster the energies to lift the massive table.

Whilst thinking about work today, I thought about how amazing a work space could be…

Starting with 1891 design by C.F.A Voysey of gulls on a rolling sea, for my walls:

The Desk. Something a bit vintage, a bit modern and with plenty of leg swinging room:

Fan, because it is so steamy hot at the moment. Embrace and sing Kate Bush songs into fan when bored:

A globe, preferably with both a light and some gin inside. Subtle/stylish:

Chair, complete with crucial spinning ability. Not sure if this one also has a tilt – a feature I am unsure about due to its unpredictable nature:

All (bar wall fabric) SVPPLY

Now, sleeves rolled up… and here we go.


3 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Emily

    I like to imagine Francois’s part in all this. nudging furniture along, draping fabrics over tables. then sitting down to enjoy a cocktail of course!!! hehe

  2. helswrites Post author

    Thanks Gemma. Emily, this was not far from the truth. Francois is very particular over his throws and enjoyed stealing the cheese from my cracker, whilst I was mid shift.x


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