Knit a click

Quinn & Co.

In truth, I am not a good knitter. I love the idea of whipping up a cardi, vigorously clicking away in front of Mad Men; willing Don to kiss Peggy/Joan, Betty to realise she needs to relax and chat to her kids and someone to bring a lawnmower into the office again. But no, I get frustrated, twist my wool, drop my needles and end up with anti-perfection. This is annoying, but clearly not annoying enough for me to give myself a kick up the ass by a metaphorical shaun the sheep.

I have decided to recommit. I love knitwear and jumpers over dresses. I think they look splendid. I tried to search for some examples, but couldn’t find correct ones. So, what the heck, here’s me:

El maxico dressico (Vintage):

And then the addition of a nice bit of knitwear:

I know this may not be to everyone’s taste, but I like pretty dresses and knits. I also have to be pried away from my biker boots. Pretty juxtapositions work for me. However, the older that I get, the more I can survive the pretty + pretty. Although never the matchy + matchy. Pops of colour/mixes are key. As is my knit emergency item. My bag is generally massive all the time, and this is because I tend to take a knitted item with me absolutely everywhere. From fairisle numbers to chunky cardigans, shawls and even blankets to drape, like a cape. I get cold easily and only the wool has the properties for true warm goodness. I don’t like thermals.

So before this turns into another stream of consciousness, into the abyss, I will quickly show you Quinn & Co. As discovered today on Frankie Magazine’s blog, my favourite publication/online magazine blog. Quinn & Co. have some beautiful knitting patterns, at approximately $6 each, and available in PDF form.

Here are some of my favourites:

Very nice.

All patterns available from Quinn & Co.

Pouting is my natural expression apparently. I didn’t know this. Normally I smile. As it is the weekend, I am leaving with a smile photo.

p.s. My lounge has drastically changed. Francois did not help, rather hindered, by eating the cheese from my cracker (as I told Emily). He then prodded things and messed up the throws. But he can now access the window, without his back paws slipping out (not overly agile). He looks good in this new position:


2 thoughts on “Knit a click

  1. fritha

    Hels! did you get this dress from the vintage bit at Urban Outfitters? I LOVE this dress, I tried it on but it really clung to my tummy and made me look preggers. It looks amazing on you though!! xx

  2. helswrites Post author

    Fritha! Yes, I did! Half price puppy ’twas. I love it. Am sure you didn’t look preg’s lady. Great taste that we share though;) ! Ooo soon we can have a headdress party! Yeh! xx


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