Once there was a bunny called honey,
She had blue eyes, long eyelashes and was hysterically funny.
The moon chuckled as she bounced around at night,
And the sun ran round the clouds to fill her path with light.

She hoped to be a star,
To dance around the bunny plot and sing in the local bar.
She was as good as Jessica and faster than a whippet,
But her dreams lay in worlds she had not yet met.

She knew there was Hollybunny across the river,
But the thought of getting there made her shiver.

The farmer had taken Sebastian, she was sure,
Thinking of this, shook her to the core.
He had only wanted to see the other side for real,
But had become the gun wielding farmer’s meal.

She sang from field to field,
Ignoring her heart never to be healed.
For of course she loved Sebastian,
No bunnies knew, no bunnies can.
She had found him by accident,
A rogue, a secret, all life had ever meant.

She hoped her voice would take her to him,
On a note, on a trail, on a chief rabbit’s whim.

Until then she sat and instigated deep chuckles,
Her sadness ignored, she never buckles.

Not until she’s in one place alone,
In the graveyard, her songs change tone.
Her blue eyes fill with tears,
As she faces her fears.
She sings straight from the heart,
With enough honesty to make the hardest bunny start.

A slow thump at night,
A crying moon still bright.
No one knows of honey’s plight,
But inside there is pure love and bunny fight.


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