She went over the river that day,
Riding on a truck filled with hay.

She had taken nothing,
She had nothing to bring.
Just her drum like heart,
A voice combined with words of plenty,
Of love, peace and sanctuary.

Honey quietly sang as she dug her heels into the floor,
Never had she felt so rich and heavenly poor.

The other side of the river held strawberries,
Clover leaves and Sebastian.
She hoped for it, she longed for it,
And she knew it.

She was scared,
But what could be more frightening that a life devoid,
Of risk, adventure, singing
And him.
To share.

What was home anyway?
If at peace,
The only thing missing,
Is company and what is can bring.

We watched the Cinematic Orchestra at The Royal Albert Hall. Very hard to put into words what it was like, but here is my attempt: Click HERE.

Part one of the Honey saga, can be found here.


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