Good News is… OXJAM PR and Marketing Co-ordinator.

The other evening I was scouring the internet for potential jobs. Recently I vowed to myself that I was going to limit my free work. Like everyone else, I have to earn some money and I whole heartedly believe that my work is worth paying for. I’m not trying to be over the top, but if I don’t say this, I will only end up always working on the premise of exposure. My bills are starting to keep me awake at night- again. Free work is feeling contradictory (JUST BECAUSE I LOVE IT) and I value what I do, so I am pushing, pushing…

Apart from the magazine, which I’m super excited for, I have been applying for a variety of jobs, pitching ideas and working on sleeping at night. Recently, I also decided that I would like to do some work for charity. It’s free work, yes – but i’d like to devote some of my time to a cause that’s not just furthering myself. Ideally, I wanted some charity work that uses my talents, skills and contacts. I have to say realistically I envisaged working in a charity shop for a day a week and going from there, not the opportunity that arose.

This evening I first started blabbering about, I found an ideal job. Marketing and PR Co-ordinator of Oxjam Bristol. Well, utterly perfect. I am very interested in events and obviously, I LOVE music and all the joy, positivity and creativity it brings. Also the position would give me a chance to organise and write ferocious lists. Fabulous.

In short, I got the job *dances around the harbourside* I will put in ALL that I can and hopefully help organise something incredibly FANTASTIC and that Bristol will be proud of. LOVE OXJAM! I hope you will follow me in this endeavour and show your support for Oxjam Bristol. It’s going to be hard work and a lot of fun, for a splendid cause. Please follow on Twitter too: @oxjamhelen Thank you. This is going to be good.

Helen xoxoxxxx

Image1 Oxjam.

Helen x


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