LIVE Music Review: Best Coast, Thekla, Sunday May 1st

I’ve always been in awe of cool nonchalance. Not arrogance, let’s get this clear. Nonchalance is different. To me, nonchalance is when you/one/he/she are free, liberated from the confines of over thought, but similarly a thinker. There’s more there, a whole lot more, the surface is easily communicated, but deep inside is protected. And I imagine it is a glorious cavern of heightened reality in there. Maybe with a hint of tragedy, but fundamentally at its core, heaps of fun, vivacious spirit.

Bethany from Best Coast is cool nonchalance. The music she plays is lo-fi, dream pop – as they say. Rocky, surfy, dance(y)… youthful 60s POW! I like it. I was expecting them to be pretty good on Sunday, but they were different: better, more infectious in their enthusiasm and SUMMERY, than I had hoped for. I get the impression that Bethany is taking everything in her stride, unafraid of mistakes and happily proud of her successes. The way more women should be, or indeed how I’d like to me more like. As really, it’s only you that has to deal with you, and if you respect the inside, your inside, you may *possibly* reach higher. At least higher than you thought.

A cat could help this. Specifically a ginger one.

Here is my review of the Best Coast show for the Bristol Evening Post HERE.

When I’m With You by Best Coast- RAD.


2 thoughts on “LIVE Music Review: Best Coast, Thekla, Sunday May 1st

  1. helswrites Post author

    She is a very, very cool lady. Watching her also made me want to live in California..more! Definitely watch Best Coast when you can, fab. x


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