LIVE Music Review: Anna Calvi, Thekla, Monday May 2nd

Illustration (originally for my Amelia’s Magazine article, found here) by Abby Wright.

My review for the Evening Post can be found here:
ANNA Calvi plays the guitar like a melancholic blues artist, full of lust, and sings like Kate Bush atop a cliff.

The music is dramatic, soaring and sometimes scorchingly honest, full of emotion.

Calvi has said many times that playing music on stage provides her with a strength and fearlessness she does not possess in other situations. Certainly it appears she is snugly wrapped up in the deep notes and guitar solos. Eyebrows knitted, eyes occasionally closed, her feelings power out.

The rest of the review can be found here

And oh look! I did a little video of Anna’s last song: Edith Piaf’s Jezebel (it’s not amazing, but you get the POWER of the voice/guitar)


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