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Oversized 1950s watch, retailed by Cartier

Have you seen the weather lately? Hasn’t it altered? One moment we were basking in the peachy sweet, prematurely warm, sunny rays, then hip hop the temperature skipped down again. The clouds filled the skies with grey blankets and soon we weren’t even treated to a gap between the layers. But of course, one must not forget, we do reside in England.

He said: ‘Wouldn’t it be perfect if the weather was like last week, right until the month of October?’

Not too hot, not too cold? Balmy evenings? Still chilly enough for a jumper at night, but sunny enough for the freckles to shine through the darkness?

But of course.

English summer is… A warm mist illuminated in a lantern’s glow. Scented like rose and thundery like a teacup. It sits on a slack line and ensures that we never take it… ooops. For granted.

Despite the brisk breeze and colder world, they went to the beach. The wind whipped around her legs and flipped her hair in sporadic circles. She ran on the sand, and sat on a sandbank, twirling the long grass blades between her fingers. They were both still warmed from a week ago, but with a revived deep love of the outside.

Driving home they listened to and found a new soundtrack. With her feet on the dashboard and arm on his shoulder, they sang like they were from the Wild West country of America. Arriving home, she threw her bag on the side table and sitting on a seat of yellow, she breathed deeper than before. The day’s freshness called for fresh salads and fish, eaten outside beside a small fire.

All from SVPPLY


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