Cathleen Naundorf – Tatler

Tatler May 2011, photography by Cathleen Naundorf

Well, it was time to see the hairdresser quite frankly. Indeed, I’m sure with the coming of assumed objectivity, along with age, I will look back at pictures of my wonky fringe and Thai sun bleaching/years of sea drying, and shudder a little. Or perhaps not. Maybe I’ll wish for ‘then’, have no hairdresser, laugh, or of course – I could never see the pictures again. Really I shouldn’t care, but then most of us do. Hair that feels good, makes for bouncing, flicking and twiddling. All good, wholesome things.

So, after too long, last week I popped along to the hairdressers. I genuinely think my lady is great. We get to natter about our whole lives in intimate detail, all in the comfort of the salon. No, I’ve never had this before. She also has a ginger tom cat (called Tom) and she’s 26.

Naturally I peruse the vast, piled up magazines before I see her. I was given a small selection this time; Tatler, Red and I-D Magazine. I went for Tatler, as I don’t buy or read this normally. They also have beautiful photos and errr… well it has just been the Royal Wedding, so I was all fine with seeing some more rich gloss, LBDs and big hair.

After reading about the ‘society’/ ‘scene’ I do not inhabit in the back pages (I read magazines from the back), I found the beautiful fashion pages, as photographed by Cathleen Naundorf.


To be quite honest, I was immediately whisked away to the land of a fantastical, time’s past. Melancholic and dramatic; it was all right up my crumbly stairwell. Aren’t they beautiful photographs?

From Tatler, May 2011- Cathleen Naundorf

These two are also by Cathleen Naundorf

Stunning, odd, thoughtful and full to the edges of wild and whimsical stories.

(By the way, I like my hair. The blunt cut is serious.)


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