Unsure of location – looks like USA though (loose reasoning behind this thinking; tarmac, lighting and space – also it reminds me of Back To The Future street).

Western Australia. Maybe in older age, the garden looks like it requires time and patience, I’m not sure my treatment and joy in ‘wild gardens’, will sustain this greenery. Gorgeous home though. I do like a terrace. Charlie could play the guitar and F cat could balance on the wood planks.

Pow! City, New York bustle. Intense but SUPER fun. Would love, love to live here. For a bit.
Maybe in the Osborne or similar…

Bells Beach, Australia. Beautiful place in my memories. Free, fun and vibrant. Would have to learn to surf properly.

Texas, USA. There’s something about Texas. I have never been there however, so my thoughts are based on blogs (like Bluebird), stereotypes, reading, music and films.

USA – but would be sat in North Devon. This location appeals because it is stunning, has excellent local produce and would mean Charlie can be in the water as much as he wants. Also the yellow plants, Nemesia Masquerade, smell of coconut.

South Africa. Would be incredible to go here. This thatched house is pretty heavenly. Although I imagine enormous families of unfeasibly large spiders would also live here.

Canada – huge appeal. Good foods, white teeth, bears, mountains, snow and adventure filled. Cool, serious house.

Escape van. Imperative for spontaneous exits.

1969 Mercedes as our run around. Going to say, this will mostly be mine. Imagine the dust – vroom! Charlie can have a Porsche or perhaps a Smart car.

1 (not sure), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.


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