Charlie has been away all this week. Normally I don’t mind, and welcome being able to eat chocolate spread on toast for tea, princess sleeping, knowledge that the shower room floor will be dry and some quality time with the cat. He goes away a lot though. This week is also different. I couldn’t possibly tell you why. But it is.

Just before he beetled off to indulge in continuous creme brules and sit in corporate bars with his eyes in that – I’m loving this luxury right now, but I’m playing it cool, aloof, hilarious way – he was back for a day. He had returned from one of those conferences where he has to defend wind power being plonked in people’s backyards. My granny also disliked turbines, and said so in front of Charlie, but they’re AMAZING.

Get the tone right.

Demonstrators with homemade turbine hating banners, stood outside. Whilst inside the company had ‘good stat’s’ on show, and images of how turbines would look from resident’s gardens. Then 25+ stood ready to defend them. Customer service is possibly not the right profession for Charlie, and he wouldn’t say he loves it, but I know he gave some good answers to hard questions. He believes wholeheartedly in renewable energy, the land, the sea and the mighty wind. Of course. I know many other people are behind the bladed wonders too.

He came back moaning about the ‘Extra Light Hellmanns Mayonnaise’ use on the sandwiches, and with an attractive pin for me to wear (see above). Then left again.

I may get him to do a blog post on renewable energy. It would hold no adjectives at all and be very informative. Refreshing indeed. Perhaps demonstrating – in a word way – how the opposites of us are good. And why I need logic and laughing at, and he needs an emotional can opener and an over-dramatic adventure buddy. And also why it would be really nice if he wasn’t away all the time.

Embrace Wind.

Absence and all that.

He’s obviously thinking of *us* and has just sent me this – which is frankly, bizarre.

Though it goes some way in explaining Francois’ occasional delusions of grandeur.


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